More About Me

My Bio...

Boring.... Who wants to know about me?? Not me!!
Everyone knows I am locally raised crazy dog lover, kid lover (yes, in that order 😋), horse lover, travel on a whim anywhere, adventurer. Everyone knows that there isn't much that I won't try and tackle.
What most people don't know is how I apply all of my life's craziness helping YOU! That's right, the most important part of who I am comes from the skills and mindset I have that helps you achieve your dreams in nearly every aspect of the home buying/selling process. For the last decade I have helped hundreds of families achieve their dreams in Real Estate. My background has been challenging. I had to learn how to overcome those challenges. I had to learn to think several steps ahead of where I am now. I deliver this forward thinking to my clients in every transaction! I enjoy the thrill of over coming obstacles!
Let me assist you in your next adventure!!